Change… Are you ready to Embrace it?

NYU Stern School of Business debuted a new messaging focused on thriving in today’s business world, and we worked on a video to kickstart the new branding.
Change. Will you dare it? Ignite it? Lead it? How do you thrive in a global business world where the only constant you can count on is change itself?
That’s the inspiration that NYU Stern wanted to communicate as a bold call to action for prospective students and members of its community.

The brand video empowers individuals to express how they view change. With the flexibility and freedom to swap it whenever they like Stern is introducing a new co curricular Change:Studio for its full-time MBA students, beginning with the Class of 2022.

Client · NYU Stern
Production Company · Dutch Uncle
Producer · Helen Cowley
Agency · Munn Rabôt
Creative Director · Peter Rabôt
CEO · Orson Munn
Copywriter · David McMillan
Account · Melissa Garner
Illustration/Direction · Noma Bar
Animation · Ale Pixel Studio
Sound Design · Felipe Barandalla
Music · Asche & Spencer
Music arrangement & mix · Facundo Capece