What makes a car patriotic?

This two short videos go to encourage people to donating their cars (and boats!) to help and support disabled veterans in the United States.

Old vehicles can be much more useful than we thought, and even become patriotic. Life and memories of your old car or boat can be kept alive while also helping maintain the national spirit. We had a super fun ride going back to our childhood toys, scrabbling into memories full of detail, texture, dust, rust, and then bringing it all back to life with animation.

Client · Vehicles for Veterans
Agency · Demo Duck
Direction · Ale Pixel Studio
Design, Illustration & 3D · Ale Pixel Studio
Animation · Ale Pixel Studio
Sound · Facundo Capece

Full credits

Producer: Theresa Brooks (@Demo Duck)
Creative, Art & Animation Direction: Alejo Accini
Direction: Alejo Accini, Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila
Sketched Storyboards: Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila
Final Storyboards: Bruno Persico, Martiniano Garcia
Concept art: Martiniano Garcia, Bruno Persico
Color: Bruno Persico, Alejo Accini, Santiago Avila
3D Model: Martiniano Garcia, Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila
3D Texture, light, render: Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila, Alejo Accini
Animation: Alejo Accini, Santiago Avila, Bruno Persico
Composition, Color: Alejo Accini
Line Producer: Guadalupe Arriegue
Sound: Facundo Capece