Keep the memories, donate the car

This campaign for Wheels for Wishes consisted on 3 videos for different social media channels, aiming to motivate and increase donation of old cars.

The stories are inspired by vintage toy cars, creating a nostalgic vibe to spark some memories. We had lots of fun going back to our (and our parents!) childhood toys, finding little things that could help us tell a story. Each video has a different approach, but all have the same spirit and core message: our love for old things can be recycled into new purposes.

Client · Wheels for Wishes
Agency · Demo Duck
Direction · Ale Pixel Studio
Design, illustration & 3D  · Ale Pixel Studio
Animation · Ale Pixel Studio
Sound · Facundo Capece

Full credits

Producer: Theresa Brooks (@Demo Duck)
Creative, Art & Animation Direction: Alejo Accini
Direction: Alejo Accini, Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila
Sketched Storyboards: Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila
Final Storyboards: Bruno Persico, Martiniano Garcia
Concept art: Martiniano Garcia, Bruno Persico
Color: Bruno Persico, Alejo Accini, Santiago Avila
3D Model: Martiniano Garcia, Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila
3D Texture, light, render: Bruno Persico, Santiago Avila, Alejo Accini
Animation: Alejo Accini, Santiago Avila, Bruno Persico
Composition, Color: Alejo Accini
Line Producer: Guadalupe Arriegue
Sound: Facundo Capece